Micro will be your guide
Micro is the bright side of learning

Who are we ?

We are a student activity in faculty of engineering helwan university helps students from various universities
in their engineering life and guide them to the bright way

Our Vision :

build a versed engineer , capable of combining between his theroretical study and the Praxis on it

Our Mission :

Academic : is our first main base so it takes our main focus . We do our best to achieve our academic target "see your lectures like you see us ! " by presenting all your subjects by diffrent soft ways.

Projects : is our second main base . not only academically work but also we care about your career so we present an important projects to know how you can benefit from your subjects

How do we help you ?


there is no difficult subjects any more with Micro you can attend our weekly lectures in the most difficult subjects depends on your votes
follow us on our facebook page for more information


Our academic team is working hard to get your lectures with clear scan, high quality and good writing in engineering subjects and it's easy to find your lectures through academic part on our website


Do you thing that Micro is an academic team ?
of course not we are a team with different sicentific tracks .. wait for out events and stay tuned it will show you what's the real Micro

What have we done ?

Some of our Gallery

  • From our weekly lectrues

  • our materials in the stationeries

  • From our weekly lectrues

  • From our weekly lectrues

  • From our weekly lectrues

  • From our weekly lectrues

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